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  • Please Welcome our new Unified Sports Head Coaches! cover photo

    Franklin Central High School, Unified Track & Field, Unified Flag Football | January 11, 2023

    Please Welcome our new Unified Sports Head Coaches!

    Franklin Central is proud to announce our new Head Coaches for Unified Track and Field and Unified Flag Football! Cassidy Corbin- Unified Track and Field Head Coach Josh Pierson- Unified Flag Foot...


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No. Name
1 Haley Shambaugh
2 Braden Combest
3 Nicolas Napoles
4 Cale Cullingford
5 Adyson Lee
6 Travis Dunlap
7 Daniel Corbin
8 Jason Sanders
9 Alexandra Combest
10 Martin Sam
11 Curtis Hoffman
12 Bryce Jacob
12 Olivia Seddon
13 Tyler Mayberry
14 Parker Haas
15 Tyler Starr
16 Hannah Schambaugh
17 Anthony Bohannon
18 Gavin Nulliner
19 Nick Wilson
20 Gavon Coin
21 Andrew Murphy
22 Max Slauter
23 Hezehiah Waters
24 Jade Crouch
25 Kaden Mead-Warthen


Carter Smith


Kaylin Stewart


Maddie Mitchell


Myles Craig


Tatiana Hoffman

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