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Baseball vs Westfield
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2024 - 2025 SEASON SCORES

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No. Name Grade Position
1 Caden Reuille 11th INF
2 Alex Sorg 11th OF
3 Brayden Mahoney 11th C/3rd
4 Anthony Santellana 12th INF
4 Cooper Sorg 11th OF/1st
5 Kyle Piersall 11th INF
6 Garrett Vandesteene 12th C/3rd
7 Jayden Stamps 12th P/OF
8 Dylan Pearson 11th INF/P
8 Kohen Atwood 11th P/OF
9 Cash Bradshaw 11th P
10 Andrew Grimes 11th OF/P/INF
15 Andrew Jimenez 10th OF/P
17 Micah Monahan 11th OF/P
19 Jacob Lewis 11th 3rd/OF
21 Cooper Haltom 12th 3rd/OF
No. Name Grade Position
1 Caden Reuille 10th INF
2 Alex Sorg 10th OF
3 Brayden Mahoney 10th C/3rd
4 Anthony Santellana 11th INF
4 Cooper Sorg 10th OF/1st
5 Kyle Piersall 10th INF
6 Garrett Vandesteene 11th C/3rd
7 Jayden Stamps 11th P/OF
8 Dylan Pearson 10th INF/P
8 Kohen Atwood 10th P/OF
9 Cash Bradshaw 10th P
10 Andrew Grimes 10th OF/P/INF
15 Andrew Jimenez 9th OF/P
17 Micah Monahan 10th OF/P
19 Jacob Lewis 10th 3rd/OF
21 Cooper Haltom 11th 3rd/OF


  • Head Coach

    Greg Schoettle